Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

(Revised August 13, 2022)

Health and Safety

You are required to complete a health screen prior to embarking on any exercise programme; it is your responsibility to keep your teacher informed of any health precautions that you encounter after you have completed the health screen. It is also your responsibility to advise your instructor if any exercise causes pain or discomfort so that an alternative may be offered.

Sessions will be approx. 55 mins, allowing for smooth transition between classes.

If it is perceived that you may suffer discomfort or injury due to a physical restriction your teacher will recommend alternative exercises to ensure your safety. You may be at risk if you ignore safety advice!

Please wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear. All equipment is provided and tap water is available.

Bookings and Payment

Beginners Pilates Inductions – If you are new to Pilates, you will be required to complete two one-2-one sessions with your instructor prior to joining a class. These sessions will be charged at a subsidised rate of £20.00/ session for new joiners only.

Payment – Payment is accepted by monthly standing order only. Payments are requested on the 3rd of each month. Your instructor will provide you bank details and FAQ’s. Price structure is based on a standard 4-week month, however there are several 5-week months where an additional free class is provided and offset against instructor breaks therefore are not refunded. Holiday dates run from 1st May to 30th April inclusively. Any holiday dates not taken may be carried over to the following year.

Catch Ups - Refunds for individual weeks will not be offered however you may ‘bank’ a missed session and catch it up on an alternative class. Catch ups cannot be stored/ accumulated or carried over past 6 weeks from your missed session. This complimentary offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Catch up places must be booked by text to 07758 326411 no earlier than 7 days prior.

Important Note - We do not operate a ‘pay as you go’ policy, therefore you cannot save a number of banked sessions then suspend your payment whilst you use the sessions up. Class numbers are restricted to ensure you receive high quality training and individual technique tuition, therefore you must pay to reserve your class whether you are there or not, the place cannot be taken up by anyone else.

Termination - You are required to provide 2 weeks’ notice if you wish to cancel your place. Please note, Beacon Pilates is unable to cancel, reject or amend standing order instructions, therefore it is your responsibility to cancel the payment. If you feel you are not attending class regularly, you must decide whether it is worth continuing to attend. Beacon Pilates will not refund retrospective overpayments, nor allow use of accumulated missed sessions once standing order is cancelled.

General Information

Unless otherwise notified, classes that fall on bank holidays will operate as usual. Any cancelled classes that are excess of instructor holiday allowance will be refunded by bank transfer within 2-weeks.

All our teachers are fully qualified and insured. Certificate copies are readily available and you are most welcome to view them.

It is your responsibility to communicate any changing health concerns to your teacher at the beginning of each session. Every effort to adapt and modify exercises will be made to ensure your comfort and safety. If you need to discuss any concerns, please arrive early so as not to delay the class start.

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