Personal Training

Personal Training

There are many reasons you may opt for personal training. Whether you attend a mainstream class or receive one to one training by our qualified personal trainer and practitioner we guarantee the experience will be both highly rewarding and enjoyable. If you are currently undergoing an injury rehabilitation programme with a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, our practitioner can support and reinforce their therapy to achieve maximum long term results.

Experienced in working with pain and injury therapists, we offer to work with your specialist and develop a programme which ensures on-going improvement to persistent painful conditions.

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> Prolapsed spinal disc

> Shoulder pain

> Neck pain

> Posture assessment

> Post-natal recovery

> Muscle imbalance

> Core stability

> Pelvic stability

> One to one support

> Deep abdominal education

Equilibrium Personal Training

Your personal trainer will help you identify your fitness goals and objectives and will design a programme using the stability ball to achieve amazing results. This low impact training produces incredible results in strength and stability. Great for all ages and abilities.

The big bounce

> Burn body fat

> Develop balance / stability

> Improve fitness

To the core

> Train abdominals

> Reduce back pain

> Develop core strength

Body Tone

> Tone upper body

> Increase metabolism

> Strengthen back and arms

Low impact and zero jumping so ideal if you suffer from bladder weakness

Stability ball information 

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Postural Analysis

Beacon Pilates offer personalised posture assessment and muscle balance tests to identify postural deviations. Please click here to find out more about how a full Postural Analysis could benefit you.