Modern Pilates

Modern Pilates

Modern Pilates brings you a contemporary approach to the traditional exercise system pioneered by German born Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967). Modern Pilates classes have a unique focus on how our occupations, hobbies and activities affect our posture. Posture is not just being told to sit up straight at the dinner table!

Poor posture is often the result of muscle imbalances caused by excessive repetition of movement. i.e. sitting hunched at a desk for long hours during the day, repetitive heavy lifting, not to mention carrying a toddler on one hip whilst juggling loading the weekly shop into the car! All of these things can cause muscle imbalance and changes to posture. One thing we know for sure is that muscle imbalance causes pain.

Modern Pilates exercises target improvements in pain and posture from the very first session. All exercises are slow and controlled, you do not have to be fit and clients with back pain or injury and neck and shoulder pain are our speciality.

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> Reduce back pain

> Improve flexibility of tight muscles

> Improve joint mobility

> Release tense shoulders

> Relieve neck tension

> Flatten and strengthen tummy muscles

> Reduce joint pain

> Improve bladder strength

Remedial Back Care Pilates

Suitable for everyone, this class has been specifically designed to target muscles that keep backs strong and healthy. A gentle series of exercises to improve balance and co-ordination, with a strong focus on stretch and relaxation. This gentle intelligent exercise system is deceptively simple and extraordinarily effective at providing a long term solution to back, neck and shoulder pain.

Iron Core Pilates

A brand new twist to conventional pilates, this class will be aimed at Intermediate Pilates students with a minimum of 1 years pilates experience. Targeting deep postural muscles responsible for core and back stability clients will be challenged with the introduction of foam rollers and wobble boards. Booking your first class is completely free with no obligation to join... click here to read more about Modern Pilates or contact us for more information.